Refreshing News

By: Fernando Calle

We all know that it is usually difficult to find people to practice with, especially if you live in a non-english speaking country. We are well aware of the need for people to just chat and converse. We have great news for you. We have started to have our drop in conversation classes, that by the way drop-in means at your own convenience, no set schedule, extremely flexible for your busy lifestyle and of course with the guidance of our native teachers.

Also we are starting our meet up conversation groups, a little more informal but at the same time entertaining, dynamic and great for networking and socializing. This is for you to get over the fear of using the language. Come join us, you will be glad you did.

Sobre nós

A Cowein é uma escola de idiomas localizada em São Paulo que oferece aulas de inglês com professores nativos de países como Estados Unidos, Inglaterra . A nossa prioridade é desenvolver a fluencia conversacional e o oferecer cursos além do tradicional. Entre em contato e aprenda mais!