The Importance of Native Teachers

By: Fernando Calle

We have all heard the term Native teacher before and I would like to share my point of view about this matter and also the importance of it. By definition a native english speaker would be someone who was born in an English speaking country or an individual that has lived, worked and or studied abroad for many years and has been exposed to the language and culture in a significant way.

Being exposed to the language in such a way for such long periods of time usually has many positive effects such as fluency, confidence and being able to think without hesitation in a different language.

So Native teachers and near native teachers not only bring their pedagogical skills and methodologies but also their life experiences and that is something very important as far as I'm concerned. It adds enrichment to the learning experience and in my humble opinion is definitely benefitious.

Pronunciation, accent, fluency, terminology, phraseology, spoken English culture, life experience, cultural knowledge are just some of the many advantages learners can benefit from having native teachers.

Think of it this way. If you were American and wanted to learn to speak Portuguese, wouldn't you prefer a Brazilian teacher? But of course, it only makes sense. Now for conversational classes, this is even more important. Here at Cowein we understand this concept and we want you to benefit from our staff of native teachers.

Sobre nós

A Cowein é uma escola de idiomas localizada em São Paulo que oferece aulas de inglês com professores nativos de países como Estados Unidos, Inglaterra . A nossa prioridade é desenvolver a fluencia conversacional e o oferecer cursos além do tradicional. Entre em contato e aprenda mais!