English Conversation Groups: Are they important?

I would like to think that the idea behind learning a new language is to be able to communicate with others. Exchanging ideas, opinions, information and so much more. The truth is that learning and mastering a language opens up a whole new world in front of your eyes full of endless opportunities for growth in every possible way.

Also I don't know if you have noticed but we do not live in Vegas or New York, what do I mean by this ? Well the reality is that we do live in Sao Paulo where Portuguese is the official language, therefore finding people either to practice with, brush up on or just maybe just having an informal chat is very difficult.

Belonging to a conversation group is very beneficial for your fluency. It boosts your self esteem, where you will feel confident enough to speak with others or even to speak in front of a crowd. You will be amazed with your progress.

The transition of finally achieving the skill to think in another language is quite challenging but by no means impossible to conquer.

Here at Cowein we understand the importance of all these concepts and we are implementing our Conversational courses, workshops, and groups with a variety of pedagogical activities to help you get over your fears of just using the language. Our Native English Instructors will be monitoring these groups and of course some expressions, pronunciation, accent reduction and use of spoken English.

If you would like to learn more about our conversation groups, check out this page and contact us. Start your journey to fluency today!


Brush up on: Aperfeiçoar

Boost: Melhorar

Get over (something): Superar

Quite: Bastante, Completamente

Sobre nós

A Cowein é uma escola de idiomas localizada em São Paulo que oferece aulas de inglês com professores nativos de países como Estados Unidos, Inglaterra . A nossa prioridade é desenvolver a fluencia conversacional e o oferecer cursos além do tradicional. Entre em contato e aprenda mais!